Business Insights: Why Do We Have a Meet & Greet?

Three important things take place when one of Paula’s Pet Sitting team stops by for your Meet and Greet. First (and most importantly), we get to meet your pet. While this may seem silly since we would eventually meet anyway, the first meeting is a chance to exchange a lot of information. By having us over while you are home and can set a friendly tone to us being in your house, your pet is much more likely to greet us with perked ears instead of bared teeth in the future.  You can also watch how we interact with your pet so you are assured we will take care of them just like you would.

Secondly, we learn first-hand about the expectations for how you want your pet and home cared for. Maybe one of the light switches in the kitchen doesn’t work so you need to show us how to turn lights on, or you have one door that is hard to open unless you know the secret door knob shake. Perhaps Gretchen the Persian only likes to be brushed with the soft-bristled brush, not the de-shedding tool. Little quirks and habits like these are what our team members are picking up on when we come for the first Meet and Greet, but are often missed out on initial forms.  Fortunately, this face to face meeting gives you the opportunity to add these extra tidbits as you remember.

Finally, If you have a security system, we will practice it with you so you don’t get any surprise alerts when we are trying to visit your pets.  It is during this time we will show you how your key lockbox works and collect your keys. As Paula’s Pet Sitting is always concerned with security, we evaluate the best way to hide the lockbox and minimize risks for your home.

What You Gain From the Meet and Greet:

We all know how nerve wracking letting someone into your home can be, especially if they will usually be there when you are not.  This first meeting is a good time for you to get to know your pet care team and make sure you are comfortable with them in your home.  Additionally, you can judge how well our pet professionals will get along with your pets. We need to be a good fit for both your needs and your pets, and by the end of this initial meeting we know we’ll have you convinced we are the perfect match.

While we are in your home, we also take the time to go through our “Meet and Greet Checklist”.  We will review the location of all the items we need to care for your pet, such as the location of food, litter, extra treats, leashes and collars, and any other items.  By going through these items and locations with us, you can make sure we are performing every task you need, completed in the way you’d like. This allows you to set your pet sitter up for success as they care for your furry loved one.

While it might seem silly to have a meeting with a pet walker where no one goes out on a leash, we are exchanging so much information that will pay off as we develop a relationship with you. If you have questions about our service or are thinking of contacting us for services, please let us know here.

Blog author Lauren Pescarus is an admitted Cat Person who admires all pets from afar. She lives at home in Romania with her husband, and loves to buy things for the pets she will soon convince her lucky spouse to bring home. For more information about Lauren’s writing services, follow this LINK

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