Strange Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

Cats, our eccentric companions who go bump in the night, mystify us with their jumping and sprinting on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they don’t come with an instruction manual to decode their behavior. If you have ever been curious why your cat loves boxes, hates cucumbers, and seems to love offering small animal sacrifices to you, wonder no more. We have compiled a list of the top five mysterious behaviors of cats, and what you can do about them, in this quick and fascinating list:

  1. Kneading Everything with Their Paws:

Making biscuits, cat massages, or just kneading machines, cats caught pressing their paws into all kinds of surfaces has melted the heart of the internet for years. Why cats do this mysterious behavior is equally adorable: it’s a sign of affection. Kneading behaviors start as early as kitten-hood, where young cats knead their mother’s stomach to help milk production. Continuing this behavior into adulthood, cats knead surfaces and people when they are feeling particularly relaxed.

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